LIKUFIX is a hydraulic quick-change system, combined with an automatic hydraulic coupling system.

LIKUFIX is Liebherr’s solution for not only making a quick change between attachments, but also making all hydraulic connections, with no need for the operator to ever leave the cab.

Everything is controlled with a simple press of a button by the operator while he sits in the cab. The whole process of detaching and connecting to a new hydraulic tool only takes seconds. All hydraulic connections are made automatically and utilize a hydro-mechanical seal to prevent leaks.

LIKUFIX is designed for Liebherr excavators with operating weights between 26,000 and 115,000 lbs using mechanical and hydraulic attachments with Liebherr quick coupler adapters (sizes 33 thru 77).


  • Quick exchange of hydraulic and mechanical tools.
  • There is no need to remove bolts, nuts or pins.
  • No strenuous pulling or installing of pins or wedges
  • Safe quick exchange of different tools from inside the cab.
  • Cab is equipped with warning light and alarm that activates when using the quick coupler.
  • Locking pin for the quick coupler is visible from the cab.
  • Liebherr Quick Change Adapter fits all new Liebherr buckets and most old buckets. Competitive attachments and buckets can be adapted as well.